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Question #1: What are the primary differences between wicker and rattan?

Answer: The word “wicker” is like a catch-all term that encompasses many woven products like sofas and end tables. Wicker furniture is made from a variety of materials, including: rattan, seagrass, peel, or plastic. Synthetic, or resin wicker, is another viable option that has been used in recent years. Rattan vines can be up to 500 feet in length, and 2-2.5 feet in diameter. The pole is often used to form the basis of the frame before it is cut into smaller strands and woven into the furniture.

Question #2: Which is stronger: Wicker or Rattan Furniture
Answer: Both materials are about equal in strength and weight support, what you really want to test for is the frame. If the frame is solid and does not sway, you’ll find it at Rattan Furniture.

Question #3: How well does wicker hold up outside?
Answer: Vintage wicker might need to be stored overnight, but these pieces can be several decades old. The elements typically don’t affect new wicker pieces as easily, so you don’t get the kind of drying or cracking that might occur with older sets. However, weather can rot the frame if the furniture is not designed well. Heavy plastics or wood frames are especially susceptible to this kind of a beating, with warping being a particularly big problem for wood frames. Aluminum is our frame of choice because it doesn’t rust, and it can be treated for even greater weather resistance. Aluminum frames also make furniture light-weight and easy to rearrange.
Waterproofing can help prolong the life of your piece but isn’t generally necessary as most furniture receives a finish that protects it from the elements. You may need to re-stain your furniture over time, especially if left out in the sun, but you won’t typically find pieces falling apart from outdoor use.

Question #4: What kind of assembly is required?
Answer: Rattan Furniture ships all of its furniture direct to you and fully assembled. Remove the piece from the box, place it and enjoy.

Question #5: How long has Rattan Furniture been in business?
Answer: For more than 10 years,  business Rattan Furniture has been selling wicker and rattan furniture. We are located in San Francisco, and our trained staff is available by phone to answer questions wherever you may be located. Please call us at +1 415 727  75 65 if you have questions this FAQ didn’t answer. We’re happy to assist you in choosing the best wicker furniture for your home.